Warhammer House Rules

Character Generation

While Warhammer Fantasy 2E is fun, the random character generation is not to everyone's tastes. These rules are another way to create a character; while not as purist as the entirely random character generation method, it's fun. Modify the default character generation rules as follows.

  • Everyone gains 255 points (265 points in a high-powered game) to distribute among Weapon Skill, Ballistic Skill, Strength, Toughness, Agility, Intelligence, Willpower, and Fellowship.
  • Dwarves add 10% to Weapon Skill and Toughness.
  • Elves add 10% to Ballistic Skill and Agility.
  • Halflings add 10% to Ballistic Skill and Fellowship
  • Humans add 10% to two scores of their choice.
  • Starting Wounds are equal to 9 + Toughness Bonus. Dwarves gain a +2 bonus to Wounds.
  • Most characters start with two fate points; human characters start with three.
  • Halflings and Humans can choose their talents, rather than rolling randomly on the table on page 19 of the Warhammer FRP 2E Core Rulebook.
  • A character can choose his starting career.
  • A character starts with 1000XP for raises (2500XP in a high-powered game).

Game Mechanics

  • Circumstance bonuses will be given out liberally. A character who poses in an interesting way and attempts to gain some advantage over their opponent will automatically get a +10% bonus to their roll. Any modifiers from page 131 are then applied as normal. Note that the base score a character has is based on doing the action in a highly volatile environment. You're haggling a Chaos Lord for your freedom in the midst of a battle or you're lying to the King in order to stall for time while your friends escape from certain death, and the lie is a doozy! In general, skills gain a bonus of +10% to +30% if not being used in major conflicts like the above.
  • A character's daily Fortune points are equal to his starting Fate points, not his current Fate points.