Spirit Of Babylon 5

Character Generation


Creating a character for the Spirit of Babylon 5 is simple! Simply follow the steps below.
  • What are you?: Choose a race from the following list: Centauri, Human, Minbari, or Narn. Mark down the race's aspects.
  • Who were you?: Choose two aspects suitable to the character's upbringing. Is the character a rebel from the Mars Colony? Is he the son of a diplomat? Is she the daughter of a Jewish rabbi? Is he a Centauri nobleman? Is he a Narn resistance fighter?
  • Who are you?: Choose three aspects suitable to the character's occupation. Is he a diplomat, or an Earth Force soldier? Is he a commercial telepath? Is he a psychic on the run?
  • What do you want?: Choose one aspect dealing with the character's destiny. This should be something like 'Chosen of the Vorlons' or 'The One Who Is' or 'The One Who Was' or 'Voice of the Resistance'.
  • Skills: Choose skills in your skill pyramid as usual.
  • Stunts: Choose eight stunts.


  • Centauri
    • Aspects: Imperial Legacy, Prophecied Death
  • Human
    • Aspects: "They Build Communities…", Never Surrender!
  • Minbari
    • Aspects: "Be a good Minbari! Conform!", Legend of Valen
  • Narn
    • Aspects: Hit Them Before They Hit You!, "They are a dying people…"


Psionics: This skill replaces the 'Mysteries' skill. It deals with the ability of a psychic to understand psychic disciplines and various psychic disturbances. It also deals with the ability to -use- psychic abilities accurately. Only those with a Psychic Aspect are considered to have this skill. Basic knowledge of psychic abilities is handled with the Academics or Science skills.

Skill Range P-Level
Mediocre 1-3 (Ivanova)
Average Close 4-6 (Talia, Original Lyta)
Fair 1 Zone 7-9
Good 2 Zones 10-11 (Pre-Becoming Ironheart, PsiCorp Teachers)
Great+ 3 Zones 12 (Bester)



(*) Mental Aegis [Psionics]
"Don't you love an even playing field, Mr. Bester?"
Requires an Average Psionics.
This stunt allows a psychic to shield other minds as an action. It allows non-psychics to resist any psionic abilities with the higher of his Resolve or the psychic's Psionics, even things a non-psychic normally cannot resist. In addition, each psychic beyond the first invoking Mental Aegis adds a +1 bonus to these Psionics or Resolve rolls, though the GM should feel free to limit this bonus in certain situations. This was used by Sheridan to good effect in Season Three against Bester.

(*) Mind Scan [Psionics]
"She's blocking me!"
Requires an Average Psionics.
A Mind Scan allows a psychic to use their abilities to scan the mind of another person. There are two types of mind scans: surface scans and deep scans. Anyone can attempt to resist a surface scan if they're aware of it, by using Resolve to focus their thoughts. Only a psychic can resist a deep scan, by using their Psionics skill.
A surface scan has a base difficulty of Average, while a deep scan has a base difficulty of Good. The psychic gains knowledge of the character's surface thoughts on a success on a surface scan, and a single piece of information per point of spin on his roll on a deep scan.

(*) Mind Send [Psionics]
"I tried to reach you, but …" "That's all right."
Requires an Average Psionics.
A psychic can convey thoughts into another mind with an Average Psionics check. This allows communication at range without others eavesdropping. Using Mind Scan, this can allow two-way communication with mundanes.

(*) Pain! [Psionics]
"Pain, Mr. Garibaldi!"
Requires Mind Send and Fair Psionics.
A strong psychic can use his ability to transmit his thoughts to attack another person. This requires strength and training, but not a lot of subtlety; thus, this works even on non-psychics. A psychic can use this ability to attack someone; the target rolls Resolve or Psionics verses the psychic's Psionics skill. On a success, the target loses his next action. Every successive time the psychic uses this stunt on a target in a scene, the target gains a +1 bonus to resist: over-using this ability on a target causes resistance to build up in the short term.

(*) Psychic Blast [Psionics]
"Anytime, Mr. Garibaldi. Anytime…"
Requires Pain! and Good Psionics.
The strongest psychics can actually attack the mind of others, sending psychic energy coursing through their brains. This allows the psychic to use their Psionics skill as an attack, resisted by the target's Resolve or Psionics skill. This attack ignores any normal armor on the target.
While this attack normally inflicts stress to the character's composure, if the character is unconscious it can inflict stress to the character's health and even kill him.

(*) Memory Modification [Psionics]
"It is the death of personality…"
Requires Mind Scan, Mind Send, and Good Psionics.
A psychic can modify a character's memories. This allows a psychic to remove memories and implant other memories. This does not allow the implantation of entire new personalities or conditioning, merely the removal or changing memories themselves. This process takes at least a few minutes and sometimes longer depending on the amount of memory being modified or removed; the attacker rolls Psionics verses the target's Psionics or Resolve. Removing a memory modification requires a Psionics check verses the original Psionics result.

(*) Psychic Surgery [Psionics]
"He came back… changed."
Requires Memory Modification and Good Psionics.
This is the height of the Younger Races' psychic talents. With this stunt, a character can perform psychic surgery on a target. This allows a psychic to perform tasks such as creating a whole new personality or removing such a personality. It also allows implanted control over a target, allowing the psychic to condition radical, controlled personality shifts in a target such as Bester's actions towards Garibaldi in Season 5. Everytime the target makes a decision related to his personality conditioning, he must make a Resolve check verses the psychic's Psionics result. A success means he resists the compulsion and acts as he normally would; failure means he performs it believing it's his own choice.

(*) Telekinetic [Psionics]
"Most are insane…"
Requires a Psychic Aspect and a Telekinetic Aspect.
Telekinetics are very rare. Most tend to be insane, and some posit that this is a harmful mutation in most cases. Telekinetics can move small objects with their mind. No normal telekinetic can apply more than ten pounds of force, though this can be enough with training to perform some rather useful tasks. This stunt allows the psychic to use many tasks from a zone away.