Spirit Of Angel




  • Unholy Might: A vampire is incredibly strong, far stronger than a human being, and able to lift more and strike harder than a normal person. As such, they have the following benefits:
    • Increased Lift: A vampire doubles the amount a normal human being can lift.
    • Powerful Strike: Any time a vampire strikes an opponent with a muscle-powered attack, the stress gained from the attack is increased by two.
  • Vampiric Speed: A vampire is very fast, adding the following benefits:
    • Swiftness: A vampire moves twice as fast as a human; a vampire's movement speed is doubled.
  • Vampiric Resilience: A vampire's undead form is more resistant to harm than most. This yields the following benefits:
    • Supernatural Toughness: A vampire gains two stress boxes on his Physical track.
    • Unliving Immunities: A vampire gains the equivalent to the Developed Immunities stunt to represent his undead form. This stunt applies to most diseases as well. In fact, in order to affect the vampire at all, the game master must offer the vampire's player a fate point.


  • Blood Lust: A vampire has a hunger for blood. This is a negative aspect that can only be compelled by the game master and not tagged by the player.
  • Holy Symbols: A cross can be used to hold a vampire at bay. The character with the cross may make a Resolve roll contested by the vampire's. Success makes the vampire unable to attack the defender. Even on a failure, the vampire takes a -2 penalty to all actions verses the defender. Direct contact with a holy symbol such as a cross causes the vampire to take one point of stress per round, while indirect contact hurts but can be endured. Prolonged exposure should still yield stress.
  • Holy Water: Holy water can be used as an attack verses a vampire. Use the Athletics or Weapons skills. Holy water gives a +2 bonus to the attack. Direct contact with holy water gives two stress per turn.
  • Sunlight: A vampire takes one point of stress per turn in direct sunlight.
  • Wood Sensitive: Any player who attacks the vampire with a wooden stake gains a +1 bonus to the roll. If the stake gains at least three shifts, any stress from the attack is doubled, representing a heart shot.

Fate Points

Vampires have a fate point refresh of six.