Combat Flowchart

I. Initiative
  A. Roll 1d10+Dexterity+Wits
  B. Characters act in order from highest to lowest.
    1. Extra actions occur after the first actions are arbitrated.
II. Attack
  A. Melee: Strength or Dexterity+Brawl or Melee
  B. Ranged: Dexterity or Perception+Athletics or Firearms
III. Defense
  A. Melee: Dexterity+Brawl or Melee
  B. Ranged: Dexterity+Dodge
  C. Penalties: A defender gains a -1 penalty per defense used. Thus,
       if a character defends four times, the first roll is at no penalty,
       the second is at a -1 penalty, the third at a -2 penalty, and the
       fourth is at a -3 penalty.  This penalty resets itself at the start
       of your next turn.
IV. Damage
  A. The attacker's raw damage is equal to the base damage plus his net
     successes. Thus, an attacker with a Strength of 2 using a knife
     (Strength+1) who gains five net successes with his attack does a total of
     Strength+6 raw damage, or 8 damage.
    1. When using Dexterity to attack, the maximum net successes are limited
       to the attacker's Strength (for melee) or Perception (for Ranged)
  B. Subtract the target's soak total from this damage.  This is the final
     damage.  Roll this damage.  Every success is a point of damage.  Thus, if
     the above attacker attacked someone with a soak of 4, he would roll 4
     dice of damage to determine his damage.
  • Soak: A character's soak is equal to his (Stamina+Armor) for Bashing damage, (1/2 Stamina+Armor) for Lethal Damage, and (Armor) for Aggravated Damage.
Armor Soak Stamina
Leather, Light 1 1
Ballistic Cloth, Studded Leather 2 2
Flak Vest, Chain 3 3
Flak Jacket, Breastplate 4 3
Military Armor, Plate Armor 5 4
Melee Weapon Damage Strength
Punch Strength 1
Kick (Diff 7) Strength+1 2
Axe Strength+3 3
Great Axe Strength+4 4
Dagger Strength+1 1
Short Blade Strength+2 2
Blade Strength+3 2
Great Blade Strength+4 3
Mace Strength+2 2
Lance Strength+2 2
Polearm Strength+4 3
Spear Strength+2 2
Fighting Chain Strength+3
Ranged Weapon Damage Strength
Short Bow 3 2
Long Bow 4 3
Crossbow 4 2
Spear Strength+2 2
Knife Strength+1 1
Hatchet Strength+1 2
Rock Strength 1
Pistol or Revolver 5
Heavy Pistol or Revolver 6
Rifle 9
Assault Rifle 7
Shotgun 7