New World Of Darkness

House Rules


  • Armor: Armor subtracts half its rating (round down) from the automatic health levels a weapon may deliver (see Weapon Damage, below). Thus, a Kevlar Vest subtracts one from the automatic health levels a firearm delivers if it hits the target. This can only be reduced to zero.
  • Defense: A character's defense is equal to the lower of their Dexterity or Wits, as normal, though Defense applies to Firearm attacks as well. However, a suitable defensive skill adds +1 to the character's Defense if the skill is greater than or equal to two, though the maximum defense a character can attain before supernatural powers is five. If the character's relevant defensive skill is greater than or equal to four and the attacker has the 8 Again property, it becomes 9 Again. If the character has 9 Again, it becomes 10 Again. 10 Again is not affected.
    • Defensive Skills:
      • Firearms vs Athletics
      • Brawl vs Athletics, Brawl, or Weaponry
      • Melee vs Athletics or Weaponry
  • Weapon Damage: Weapons deal extra levels of damage equal to half of the weapon's bonus dice, round down. Thus, a shotgun with a damage of 4 (nine again) becomes 4+2 (nine again), giving an additional four dice on the attack roll and adding two health levels to the total damage delivered in the event the weapon hits the target. Bulletproof armor shifts this extra damage to bashing verses firearms, as usual.
    • Magical Attacks: Attacks using supernatural powers also gain this bonus. However, the additional health levels of the magical attack is equal to half the power's rating, round down. Thus a Forces 4 attack gets a bonus of 2 health levels damage.


  • Fighting Style: Combat Markmanship (Rapid Fire): Each additional attack must be directed at a different target. Additional targets do not add additional penalties: just the base cumulative -1 penalty per additional attack (-0, -1, -2, -3…)
  • Fighting Style: Kung Fu (Whirlwind Strike): These attacks must be against different targets.
  • Tough It Out: Two-Point Merit. Your character uses your Stamina for Defense instead of the lower of Dexterity or Wits.
  • Weird Scientist: Three-Point Merit; Prerequisites: Science 4, Weird Science Specialty. Your character can create scientific devices such as the ones that Task Force VALKYRIE uses. You may purchase Advanced Armory merits and may, once per session, create such a device from 'scratch'.

Special Rules

  • Extras: Extra rules are useful in any system for unimportant characters who are not important to the narrative. Extras are like normal characters, though there are a few differences. Extras tend to lack exceptional equipment, and usually have no armor value to mitigate attacks (even if they narratively are wearing armor). They also have fewer health levels: an extra's Health is equal to its Stamina.
  • Sniping: Sniping does not use the normal combat rules. Instead, if the target is entirely unaware of the attacker's attack and the attacker gains a number of successes on his attack equal to twice the target's Stamina, the target dies. Failure yields a number of lethal damage equal to the successes.
  • Variant: Cinematic Attacks: A character may attack a number of targets equal to half his relevant combat skill (round up) if the targets are Extras.
  • Variant: Powerful Attacks: In this variant, the extra damage from a weapon is equal to its bonus instead of half that bonus. However, the character does not add the weapon's damage to his attack dice. In this variant, armor reduces this bonus damage by its rank and doesn't subtract from attacks, as well.
  • Variant: Powerful Firearms: In this variant, firearms are king. Targets lose their Defense verses firearms and the extra health levels from firearms is equal to the bonus rather than half the bonus.

Second Sight

  • All psychic powers can affect all templates. Mages, vampires, and so forth are not immune to any psychic power.


  • All Changelings gain the Dual Kith Merit. One of the kiths must be within his chosen Seeming.


  • All vampires may purchase Celerity, Resilience, and Vigor as in-clan disciplines.
  • Daeva clan disciplines are Auspex, Celerity, Majesty.
  • Vampires may be awake during the day. They still cannot leave for sunlight, however. Think 'Angel' and other television shows. They must still 'rest' for a time, and a vampire who does not risks entering torpor at GM's cognizance.