Attributes are a character's basic capabilities. They help determine how talented a character is at a particular task, and are added to skill rolls as well as having various built-in qualities.

  • Body: The body attribute represents strength and vitality. A person who is tough and hardy might have a high body, as might someone who is very strong.
    • Armor: Body is added to armor to resist damage.
    • Damage: Body adds its rank to damage inflicted.
  • Finesse: The finesse attribute represents speed and manual dexterity. A person who moves quickly or has fine motor control would have a high Finesse.
    • Initiative: Finesse helps determine a character's initiative.
    • Speed: A character's speed is equal to the Finesse x 3 in yards.
  • Mind: The Mind attribute represents a character's intellect and mental acuity. A person who is very intelligent or with a finely-honed perception might have a high Mind.
    • Fear: Mind helps determine a character's resistance to fear.
    • Initiative: Mind helps determine a character's initiative.
  • Spirit: The Spirit attribute represents a character's strength of will and general personal charisma. A person who is very sociable or strong-willed might have a high Spirit.
    • Fear: Spirit helps determine a character's resistance to fear.
    • Magic: Spirit determines the strength of a character's magical abilities.


Skills represent trained skill in various fields and can range from one to five, with one being novice training and two average professional training, while five is one of the best around.

Archery (Mind) Athletics (Body, Finesse) Brawling (Body, Finesse)
Crafts (Finesse, Mind) Expression (Spirit) Fortitude (Body)
Knowledge (Mind) Investigation (Mind) Larceny (Finesse)
Medicine (Mind) Notice (Mind) Persuasion (Spirit)
Riding (Finesse) Streetwise (Spirit) Subterfuge (Spirit)
Survival (Mind) Thaumaturgy (Mind) Weapons (Body, Finesse)